'One Piece' chapter 843 release date, spoilers: Luffy defeats Cracker; Chopper and Carrot to be freed from the mirror world?


Who would have thought that a bloated Monkey D. Luffy could be so strong? Binge eating huge amounts of biscuits is good after all because Luffy just revealed a new form of Gear Fourth called Tankman during the previous chapter.

Who is going to win? The person with the infinitely expanding stomach or his opponent, the one with the infinite amount of biscuits? Sources say Luffy has defeated Charlotte Cracker at last since he sent Cracker flying with his Gomu Gomu no Cannonball technique in the last pages of chapter 842. Apparently, that ends the battle.

After the fight, Luffy and Nami will allegedly head to Big Mom’s castle to look for Sanji, but not before they help Chopper and Carrot escape Brle’s mirror world. The two were last seen randomly appearing on mirrors around Whole Cake Island.

Reports say the focus will shift back to the Vinsmoke and Charlotte families in chapter 843. It is rumored that the two families will finally fight while Reiju and Lady Pudding side with Sanji. Will they help Sanji escape? Furthermore, it is speculated that Chopper and Carrot may appear on Sanji’s mirror and this causes him to stall for more time so he can save the two.

Meanwhile, fans seem to believe that the Tankman transformation has three forms: full, normal, and empty. That’s interesting. Readers will find out soon if this is plausible because Luffy is going to have to battle Big Mom in the future. An article on Bitbag also came up with an amusing scenario where Sanji and Luffy will team up. Sanji gets to cook while Luffy eats everything in sight so he can transform into Tankman.

Sources believe a new chapter won’t be coming out next week so readers will have to wait a little longer for chapter 843. As of this moment, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt as details for the next installment have yet to be revealed.