'One Piece' chapter 842 spoilers, plot rumors: Chopper finds a way to save Luffy from Cracker?


Chapter 841 of “One Piece” featured a flashback to Sanji’s miserable childhood and it was revealed how his father kept him hidden in the basement with his face locked in an iron mask. It was also revealed how his love of food was developed even though he spent most of his time away from his family.

The chapter opened with young Sanji being brought a meal in the basement, and it was revealed that he had been staying there for almost six months. The servants never guessed that one of the Vinsmoke children was being held prisoner, with some speculating that whoever was being hidden might be some kind of VIP refugee in the castle.

While Vinsmoke Judge marveled over his other children, Sanji found a way to enter the kitchens and he even ventured out to find ingredients to cook something special for his mother. While one of the servants tried to discourage him from serving the food, Sanji’s mother said that she won’t eat anything else unless it was made by Sanji. Though the dish made up of egg rolls, fish, and bananas looked unappetizing, it appears as though Sanji’s mom enjoyed the food. Later, back in his cell, Sanji asked a guard for a cookbook and some cooking utensils so he can cook some more.

Sanji’s brothers started to pick on him again, but in an unexpected act of kindness, his sister, Reiju, helped him to leave his cell. Sanji then walked up to his father and told him that he was leaving for good, and Vinsmoke Judge told him never to tell anyone that he is his son.

In the next chapter of “One Piece,” it is expected that the story will return to the present time as the final moments of chapter 841 saw a grown-up Sanji who was once again beaten up by his evil brothers. Chapter 842 is also expected to see more of the battle between Luffy and Cracker in the Seducing Woods. In the previous chapter, Luffy had eaten a lot of the biscuits that Cracker dished out, and he said that it’s going to take a lot more than an overflowing supply of biscuits to stop him from seeing Sanji.

Fans have been taking to Reddit to post their theories about the next chapter, with one fan saying that the reason why Luffy has been eating for more than 11 hours is because he was stalling so that Chopper and Carrot can find the quickest way to get to Sanji. It was said that somehow, Chopper will come back in a nearby mirror and tell Luffy that he has found a way to Sanji and use Brle’s power to their advantage. As Luffy absorbs all of the biscuit energy, he gathers his powers and one shots Cracker.