'One Piece' chapter 842 spoilers, plot: Luffy to emerge victorious after 11-hour fight? Jajji to allow Sanji\'s escape?


The conclusion of the long fight between Luffy and Cracker will reportedly take place in the upcoming chapter 842 of manga series “One Piece.”

Reports claim that since the two have been battling each other for more than 11 hours, it is predicted that Luffy will be able to triumph over Cracker. Apparently, the latter will be in so much pain that it could lead him to lose the ability for long-range attacks. It can be recalled that during the previous installment, the Straw Hat pirate covered up Nami from Cracker’s advances and was still able to do so despite the extended time.

According to Mangayork, Cracker will do the best he can to destroy Luffy’s protection, not for Nami but to kill Pound. However, he may lose the showdown since his biscuit soldiers are rooted on the ground while Luffy’s Gear Fourth technique has the capacity to fly. Equipped with soru speed and long-range guided arms, he can target Cracker even midair.

Given the situation they are in, if Cracker does not have any additional tricks up his sleeves, it is expected that Luffy will be the one to emerge victoriously.

Elsewhere, there is also hearsay that Sanji will be able to successfully escape and take off with the help of his sister Reiju. It was previously revealed that he did not respond accordingly to the experimentations done by his father Jajji to make him a super human. The patriarch was forced to imprison him for six months for the protection of their family.

Moving forward, Jajji is said to catch up to him as Sanji goes after his freedom. But instead of stopping and capturing him again, the father will ask his son not to tell anyone that he is a member of Vinsmoke family. Sanji will then be at a loss for words and burst into tears after Jajji permits his escape. However, he still needs to deal with his impending wedding to Big Mom’s daughter.

Since there is no official synopsis yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.