'One Piece' chapter 841 spoilers, plot: Sanji to escape from Vinsmoke family? Luffy may activate his Gear Fifth technique


Predictions suggest that chapter 841 of hit manga series “One Piece” may see the protagonist Sanji fighting against the Vinsmoke family.

It can be recalled that in the previous chapter 840, Sanji’s elder brother Yonji revealed that the Germa 66 soldiers were actually created inside the lab and their father Jajji is a scientist working with Vegapunk for the weaponry.

Sanji was then shocked upon finding out that the Vinsmoke siblings were the result of the most advanced genetic engineering. Yonji also explained that their patriarch’s ultimate goal is to raise them as strong leaders who will head armies. However, Sanji always failed in training that is why he had been declared as dead by Jajji.

According to reports, Sanji has been trapped by his brood in their attempt to negotiate with Big Mom’s crew. His relatives have been trying to use his weak spots and he was even threatened to be blown up by a deadly bracelet that his sister placed on him. However, moving forward, the hero is deemed to take matters into his own hands as he becomes fed up with all of their manipulations.

Mangayork predicts that as Sanji decides to sacrifice his own hands in order to be freed from captivity, his determination would lead to the possible awakening of his own Black Haki. The ability is said to be timely as it negates the effects of the exploding bracelet, thus saving both of his hands and his life.

Elsewhere, the narrative may also focus on Luffy and Cracker’s fight. Since the former used up all of his strength to defeat the latter’s Thousand Arms technique, he is predicted to employ his Gear Fifth technique on his next impending battle.

Since there is no official synopsis yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. “One Piece” chapter 841 is expected to be released sometime this week.