'One Piece' chapter 840 spoilers, plot: Will Sanji push through with his marriage to Pudding?


Sanji’s dire situation will turn out to be much worse if that is even possible as aside from himself, Zeff has also somehow been thrown into the mix. Fans were a little bit disappointed with the most recent chapter of “One Piece” as the battle between Luffy and Cracker was still left hanging. However, that did not mean that episode 839 was anything short of a spectacle, in fact, it provided a solid foundation for chapter 840, especially for Sanji.

Being on the brink of moving forward with a marriage that he is not interested in, Sanji now not only has to look after his own life but his close friend Zeff as well. Previously, the Vinsmoke family paid a visit to Sanji and with them was a military group dubbed as Germa 66. While Niji and Ichiji were supposedly checking up on their brother, they were not in perfect behavior with the former even throwing a plate to the head chef Cosette’s head when he did not like his food. Sanji, on the other hand, kept his cool and even stood up for her.

Following the altercation, Sanji was threatened by his father, Judge, that if he did not push through with the wedding, he will eliminate Zeff, effectively killing all hopes of him ever escaping. Fans know how important the Baratie owner is to the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates as he almost stood as a father figure for him. If that is the case, even if Luffy gets to him on time in chapter 840, he may refuse to come with them and just tie the knot with Pudding just to keep Zeff safe.

Elsewhere in the past episode, Sanji was invited to the Vinsmoke den where he saw the ongoing cloning process being done by his own brothers. What is interesting is that sometime during the tour, it is as if Sanji recognized someone but the information has been withheld presumably until the next episode.