'One Piece' chapter 840 spoilers, news: Sanji forced to marry Pudding by his Vinsmoke family?


Predictions have it that despite the Straw Hat Pirates’ attempt to stop the impending wedding, Sanji may still be forced to marry Pudding in the upcoming chapter 840 of the hit manga series “One Piece.”

According to reports, the protagonist will be invited to the lair of the Vinsmoke family which happens to be the Germa Kingdom. Sanji will witness cloning experiments done inside and he will also recognize someone familiar. However, the person’s identity has yet to be revealed.

Although Luffy was able to defeat Cracker and reached Whole Cake Island in time to prevent the ceremony from happening, it is deemed that Sanji will be left with no choice but to marry his betrothed. It appears that he will receive a threat concerning his mentor, Zeff, being in danger if the alliance between the Vinsmoke clan and Big Mom does not happen.

It can be recalled that back in previous chapters, Sanji and Zeff were revealed to have a close relationship as the former considers the latter as a father figure. In chapter 839, during an awkward family dinner, Jajji Vinsmoke warned Sanji that if he tries anything funny, the man will meet his demise.

Elsewhere, Niji complained about the food and called the head chef. He threw his plate to Cosette but before it hit her head, Sanji was able to catch it. He then shouted at his brother that he should never hurt a lady and that food must never go to waste. Sanji also picked up the food on the ground and ate it. On the other hand, Niji disapproved of his sibling’s friendly demeanor towards their servant.

Moving forward, the new installment is predicted to focus on the Vinsmokes meeting Big Mom as the go inside the castle. Pudding will allegedly have a change of heart in marrying Sanji after she met his friends. Despite her decision being in his favor, Sanji will insist that he cannot defy his father.

Since there is no official synopsis yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. Chapter 840 of “One Piece” is expected to be released sometime next week.