'One Piece' chapter 839 spoilers, news: Luffy defeats Cracker's true from; Nami to play a vital role in infiltrating Big Mom's castle?


Predictions suggest that the upcoming chapter 839 of hit manga series “One Piece” will have Luffy defeating Cracker and the upcoming wedding will end up in a big brawl involving Big Mom’s crew and the Straw Hat pirates.

It can be recalled that in the latest available chapter 838, Luffy found out that he had been fighting an armored Commander Cracker all along after using his relentless Gear Fourth attacks. The latter’s true form called “Thousand Arms” had initially been hidden. It turns out that Cracker had been eating the Bisu Bisu no Mi, also known as the paramecia-type Biscuit Devil Fruit. Due to the said item, he was able to create more warriors and weapons fooling Luffy.

Cracker then emerged from the armor when it broke and used his Honey Pretzel that barely missed Luffy’s head. As they continue the fight, Luffy is expected to triumph over his opponent for the simple reason that he is the protagonist but he will have a hard time doing so.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte Brle’s Mirror World, Chopper and Carrot discovered that their current trapping is connected to every single mirror in the Whole Cake Island. It is deemed that instead of escaping, they will use their newfound knowledge against Brle presumably even encouraging Nami and Pound to join them in infiltrating Big Mom’s castle.

Elsewhere, fans at Reddit discussed what they believe will take place in the upcoming wedding. It is deemed that Nami will have a vital role in a potential melee while the Vinsmoke brothers will not allow the Straw Hat’s navigator to sustain serious injuries.

The Sun Pirates may also go against Big Mom after they learn what she did to their captain, Jinbei. Among her army of Yonkous, Capone may purportedly betray and double cross her during the moment when she least expects it to happen. However, since there is no official synopsis yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.