'One Piece' chapter 839 spoilers, news: Sanji and Pudding to wed in upcoming chapter?


Sanji and Pudding’s wedding have been delayed due to various reasons over the recent chapters of “One Piece.” However, new reports claim that the wedding will finally take place in chapter 839 of the manga. It was also claimed that the Straw Hat Pirates will arrive at the wedding and attempt to rescue Sanji from being married against his will.

In chapter 838, Nami and Pound were finally able to get out of the Seducing Woods, while Carrot and Chopper were able to escape Charlotte Brulee’s Mirror World. Meanwhile, Luffy was on his way to rescue Sanji when he and Charlotte Cracker started fighting. Luffy was able to break Cracker’s biscuit armor and revealed the latter’s true form, Thousand Arms. The villain gloated, saying that eating the Biscuit Devil Fruit gave him the power to create multiple weapons and warriors.

It was predicted that in chapter 839, Luffy will defeat Cracker, and everyone will make their way to Whole Cake Island to stop Sanji and Pudding’s wedding.

For the wedding, there are two predicted outcomes that are making the rounds online. The first is that the Straw Hat Pirates will be able to get Sanji out of the island before the wedding begins, but it won’t be an easy task as they have to evade the bride’s family, especially Big Mom. There’s also the chance that they could run into Sanji’s father and sister, who have been rooting for the marriage for a long time.

The second and less popular theory is that Sanji might accept his fate and choose to marry against his will. It was said that Sanji might finally give in to his family’s request as they have been persuading him to abandon the pirate life and take up his rightful place as the new leader of the kingdom. It is believed that Sanji’s people might be threatened by Big Mom, and this will lead him to marry Pudding.

Chapter 839 of “One Piece” is expected to be released soon.