'One Piece' chapter 838 spoilers, news: Luffy defeats Cracker using Gear Fourth attack, to rescue Sanji from impending wedding?


Predictions suggest that after Luffy counterattacks Cracker, the Straw Hat crew will be on their way to Whole Cake Island to possibly stop Sanji’s wedding in the upcoming chapter 838 of hit manga series “One Piece.”

It can be recalled that back in the previous installment, the captain of the pirate crew was caught off-guard with how powerful the antagonist was. Cracker revealed that he was one of Big Mom’s top three henchmen and after eating the Hand-Hand devil fruit, he got the ability to multiply not only his hands but the items that he uses as weapons.

On the other hand, Luffy wielded his Gear Fourth attack, also known as the powerful Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun, which caused the defenses of his Pretzel-wielding opponent to break down easily.

Moving forward, the team is believed to be reunited with Sanji as they possibly rescue him. Nami’s Vivre Card may play a huge part in retrieving the keys to his handcuffs which are currently in Big Mom’s possession. Carrot and Tony Tony Chopper may have also been rescued as the crew leaves the Seducing Woods, while Zoro may come to their aid in trespassing the castle.

Moreover, fans on the Oro Jackson forums discussed how they think Luffy will fare against the Yonkous. Since it was made known that the pirates from Luffy’s generation will not be able to hold their ground against Big Mom’s men, it is noted that it will be an interesting showdown between the protagonists and the villainous group.

Apparently, Eustass Kid and Scratchmen Apoo were no match, while Capone Bege promised his allegiance to Big Mom. Only Urouge the Mad Monk has become renowned after killing a commander similar to Cracker.

This seemingly leads readers to believe that Luffy is now more powerful than his rivals and even the 800-year-old Yonko. However, it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

Chapter 838 of “One Piece” is expected to be released soon.