'One Piece' chapter 837 spoilers, news: Charlotte Cracker hiding his true identity? Luffy unleashing his fourth gear yet again?


Luffy and his Straw Hat crew are still battling their way inside the pastry and sweets-laden Whole Cake Island as the manga series’ 837th chapter will be featuring Luffy facing his toughest opponent yet in the form of the sweet commander Charlotte Cracker. Fans are now assuming that the latter could be just hiding his true identity and this might be eventually revealed in the upcoming chapter.

In the next chapter, dubbed “Luffy vs. Commander Cracker,” it is said that Luffy will be overpowered by Cracker’s superb sword handling skills and his special ability known as Busoshoku Haki which is a very powerful defensive maneuver where users of this skill emit an unseen defensive barrier hence protecting the user from its attacker.

Nami, on the other hand, will be having problems of her own as she will be having an epic catfight with Charlotte Lin Lin’s eighth daughter, the witch-looking Charlotte Brle. Reports suggest that during their battle, Brle will blurt out that the feared pirate of South Blue named Captain Kid and another buccaneer known as Scratchmen Apoo have been beaten by Big Mom’s (Charlotte Lin Lin) horde. However, Brle adds that the winged Urouge bested one of Big Mom’s commanders, but was eventually trounced by Cracker.

Moreover, reports also say that Nami, with the aid of Big Mom’s former spouse named Pound, will manage to successfully strike Brle with the so-called Thunder Tempo. Nonetheless, the latter will make a break for it using her mirror.

Going back to Luffy, it is said that he will eventually get fed up with Cracker’s sneers that he will be forced to unleash his Gear Fourth: Boundman fighting move and knock out Cracker with a massive wallop making the behemoth swordsman quite surprised.

“One Piece” chapter 837 is slated to be released on Aug. 29.