'One Piece' chapter 836 spoilers: Luffy escapes the Seducing Woods; Sanji's marriage to Big Mom's daughter may happen


Speculations have it that the upcoming chapter 836 of hit manga series “One Piece” will be a turning point for the narrative as it may introduce some major developments.

According to reports, Luffy and company may finally escape from the Seducing Woods after spending several installments running around in circles. However, his escape will not be without challenges as Big Mom’s 10th son Charlotte Cracker will possibly stop him.

Back in chapter 835, the said character arrived in the woods and engaged the protagonist in a big and exciting fight. It remains to be seen what power Cracker has hidden in his sleeves as it was revealed that the animated woods are powered by using a portion of every citizen’s lifespan. As it turned out, they were being distributed around the island to give life to the trees and making animals talk.

Moreover, the new installment may also feature Sanji’s wedding to Big Mom’s daughter. Apparently, there seems to be no other way for him to get out of the dreaded situation. The touted villain is also predicted to ask for his lifespan as a sign of his allegiance.

Meanwhile, reports also claim that Luffy will form an agreement with one of Big Mom’s husbands a man who has a gigantic head buried in the ground.

Nami is deemed to have escaped captivity and will meet up with Luffy. She shared that the eighth daughter of Charlotte Family, Brle, has eaten the Mira Mira no Mi devil fruit which gives her the ability to become anyone’s mirror image. The two will then encounter Big Mom’s husband to hopefully discover some truths about the woods. To their surprise, the husband tells them that the trees and creatures can move in light of Charlotte Linlin’s devil fruit dubbed Soul-Soul no Mi. However, since there is no official preview yet, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

Chapter 836 of “One Piece” is expected to be released sometime this week.