'One Piece' chapter 835 spoilers: Will Jinbe join the Straw Hat Pirates?


“One Piece” chapter 835 might be a jam-packed installment after all as everyone will be facing their own dire conditions. The question is, will everyone be able to make it out okay from their respective crises?

Luffy and the rest of the gang are dangerously close to being captured in the Seducing Woods, where they are currently entangled with one of Big Mom’s daughters. As time is not on their side, they will have to race to escape the threat they are currently facing in Whole Cake Island. Hopefully, they will be able to do so with the help of Jinbe.

In the previous chapter of the hit manga, the “Knight of the Sea” made his desire to severe ties with the Big Mom pirates known and news of this development quickly spread. However, before Jinbe was able to quit the group, Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom, requested for a certain payment in exchange for his freedom. Sadly, the bargaining chip has yet to be disclosed but rumor has it that Big Mom requested for one of Jinbe’s limbs. To make matters worse, gossip also tainted his reputation with taunts of being a traitor.

The former soldier, however, had to accomplish a mission first. Afterward, he reached out to the Straw Hat Pirates and asked to join them only if he is still welcomed by the group. But by this time, Big Mom had already learned of Jinbe’s next plan of action, making it very suspicious how her intel travelled so fast.

In the upcoming chapter, fans can expect worse times for Sanji as he continues to be a hostage in his own home. With Jajji threatening to damage Sanji’s hands should he choose to run away from his supposed wedding, the pirate will seemingly lose all hope.

Given that this is the second time that he will be faced with the same unfortunate destiny, after being manipulated by his father, Sanji may have to just sit this one out and wait for his fate to unravel. Furthermore, just escaping the Germa castle is already a difficult task on its own, what more if he had to dodge the marriage that the is being forced into.