'One Piece' chapter 835 spoilers, plot: Boa Hancock and her Gorgon sisters may appear; Big Mom asks for Jinbei's head?


Speculations suggest that the highly anticipated chapter 835 in the hit manga series “One Piece” will see Boa Hancock making her appearance as she searches for the Straw Hat crew along with her sisters.

According to Hofmag, the Snake Princess of the Amazon Lily will look for the pirates after the mad scientist Caesar Clown spent Big Mom’s money to bring some girls on the island. It is predicted that Gorgon character may have charmed Caesar in allowing her to set foot in the Whole Cake Island. She may also encounter Brook and Pedro.

It can be recalled that in chapter 834, Sanji Vinsmoke was not able to get away from Big Mom and is still held captive in the castle. Reiju revealed that he can only be free if he has the wristlet’s keys. It is expected that it may take some time before he has his freedom.

Meanwhile, Jinbei becomes the subject of several rumors that led to some people despising him.

Articles about the Sea King being a traitor, with titles such as “Blight of the Sea” and a “Yellow-bellied coward,” have spread among his peers. It turns out that he asked Big Mom for a release but got weak when the latter demanded something in exchange. Some assume that the touted villain asked Jinbei for his head, making it impossible for him to leave.

Elsewhere, two of the Straw Hats members have gone missing. Pekoms faced great danger and a threat to his life was posed by Capone Gang Petz. He was featured standing on the edge of the island with hungry sharks at the bottom. Someone then shot him and he fell on the water. However, it remains to be seen if he indeed met his demise.

It also interesting to see what happens with Big Mom when she finds out that Caesar has been stealing money from her all along instead of getting the experiment done. However, since there is no official preview yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.