'One Piece' chapter 834 spoilers, plot news: Will Pudding be on the side of the Straw Hat Crew?


Fans are wondering what will happen in the next chapter of the manga series, “One Piece,” as the Straw Hat Crew are still struggling to rescue Sanji and prevent his wedding to Pudding from happening. Meanwhile, the movie, “One Piece Film Gold,” has premiered in Japan and has been doing very well in the Japanese box office.

Previously, Sanji and the head of the Vinsmoke family, Jajji, battled each other, but Sanji had lost due to the support of his father’s army, the Germa 66. Sanji is currently incapacitated since his sister, Reiju, has betrayed him and put handcuffs on him.

It was also revealed that Jajji was the one who made the scheme for the marriage between Sanji and Pudding, in order to make an alliance with the powerful Big Mom. The alliance between the two parties will surely make them an unbeatable force.

Meanwhile, in Sweet City, rumors were spreading about the Sea King, Jinbei, leaving the crew of Big Mom. However, he hesitated in leaving since he realized what may happen after.

There are predictions that in the next chapter, Pudding may not also be in favor of the wedding and is just being forced to do it for the alliance. A possibility of Pudding lending a hand to the Straw Hat Pirates may not be bleak. She will also act as a decoy pretending to help Big Mom.

In other news, the success of the new film based on the manga series, “One Piece Film: Gold,” has already been profiting from the box office. It is said that the ticket sales has already reached up to $11 million and may be one of the best films yet. The reception for the movie was acclaimed as well. The focus of the film is the entertainment city of their world, which is called Gran Teroso. The themes of the movie are also in line with what the current world is experiencing today.

“One Piece Film: Gold” has no North American release date yet. Meanwhile, “One Piece” chapter 834 arrives next week.

Watch the trailer of “One Piece Film: Gold”  below: