'One Piece' chapter 833 spoilers: Sanji and Jajji's battle begins, Sanji flashes back to childhood


The last time manga fans saw Sanji in “One Piece” chapter 832, the Straw Hat Pirate was back in his father’s kingdom and his sister, Reiju, tried to persuade him to leave the pirate life and help their father rule the Northern Seas once more. However, Sanji stubbornly refused to do, despite promises of riches, power, and women from his sister. At that point, their father, Vinsmoke Jajji, appeared, and having heard Sanji’s backtalk, the patriarch challenged Sanji to a fistfight and asked him to step outside.

It appears that the father and son showdown will be inevitable in chapter 833, and it also looks like the reason for Sanji’s hatred of his father will be revealed in the next chapter. Orojackson posted some black and white scans of some frames from the upcoming chapter, and according to the summary on the website, the battle between Sanji and Jajji begins, and as the two are about to go head-to-head, Sanji recalls his childhood and how his father let him down when he was just a young boy.

The story flashes back to Sanji’s childhood, and it is revealed that Sanji, Niji, Ichiji, and Yonji are quadruplets. Sanji was always bullied by his brothers, and at one point, he cried and asked for his father to help him. However, Jajji ignored his plea and didn’t try to stop the three since he regarded Sanji as being less than his brothers. Reiju then starts laughing at Sanji, who starts to cry once more.

The flashback ends, and the scene shifts to the present. Jajji attacks Sanji with his lightning spear, and when Sanji tries to fight back, Jajji commands his army to form a “wall.” The soldiers form a barrier with their bodies which prevents Sanji from attacking his father. Jajji then drives a spear through the wall and attacks Sanji, and the Straw Hat Pirate is defeated.

It looks like dark times are ahead for Sanji in chapter 833, and he will be forced to marry Pudding even if he doesn’t want to. Chapter 833 of “One Piece” is expected to come out later this month.