'One Piece' chapter 833 spoilers, plot: fans expecting SanjiJajji and NamiBrulee fights


The adventures in the world of “One Piece” continues, as the current arc of the original manga continues in the upcoming installment, chapter 833. The current story arc is expected to take on more of the Vinsmoke family, and how long-lost family member Sanji would be dealing with each of them.

In speculation threads over at Reddit, it seems that fans are expecting Sanji to struggle with the choice of having to fight his own father mano a mano via a fistfight battle or not. Apparently, the way Sanji’s father Jajji Vinsmoke settles all disputes is through the good old fashioned way of having a fistfight between two men this also seems to be one of the biggest reasons why Sanji had despised his father in the first place.

In the previous chapters of the manga, Sanji had been in a short fight with his other sibling, Yonji. While the reason had not yet been revealed as of now, it is said to be that Sanji saw Yonji ogling his eyes on the wanted poster of Nami, which offended Sanji and caused him to attack his brother. Jajji knew about this, but Sanji refused to listen to and recognize his father, even calling him a “bastard.” Jajji then challenged Sanji into a fistfight to settle the dispute once and for all.

Whether Sanji would accept the challenge and fight his father or choose to still ignore him has yet to be revealed in the upcoming chapter.

Other things that are expected to be seen in the coming chapters not just in the upcoming chapter 833 is the possible fight between Nami and the 8th daughter of the Charlotte family, Charlotte Brle. The secret behind as to how and why Brook knows about the Vinsmoke family is also expected to be revealed.

Additionally, the long running annoyance of Sanji toward Zoro may be finally revealed, as some fans have pointed out that the possible reason why Sanji gets annoyed at Zoro all the time is that the men in his homeland are greatly similar to Zoro warriors always training to get stronger every day.