'One Piece' chapter 831 spoilers: fate of Jinbei


Chapter 831 of the Japanese manga series “One Piece” is sure to bring in additional information about Sanji, but fans are expecting a lot more from it, including Jinbei’s much awaited providence upon deciding to leave Big Mom.

In the previous chapter, Jinbei thought about joining the Straw Hat Pirates and his restlessness even reached a point where he talked to Big Mom about it. As rational as she is, there will be a condition that Jinbei needs to follow before he gets his wish. For the Yankou, Jinbei will have to surrender something that is valuable to him. Quite surprisingly, Big Mom showed him a roulette wheel with body parts inscribed in it.

Rumors have it that the body parts inscribed on the roulette wheel that Big Mom showed to Jinbei represents a rule, providing that if he indeed wants out to join another group, he’ll have to sacrifice a body part. However, there also are speculations that the numbers also inscribed in the roulette wheel correspond to the years Jinbei is expected to lose once he decides to pack his bags. Well, if Jinbei ultimately decides to go, he definitely will have to lose a part of him. However, Luffy’s influence over Jinbei could likewise make a difference on how this scenario will play out.

On the other hand, the mysterious stranger at the shore could be anyone, but speculations point to Pudding. According to avid fans of the series, it makes perfect sense if Pudding is to be that stranger because she might be carrying something important with her, like a map to the castle. But the safest bet is because she’s there with the intention of warning Luffy that Jinbei could in fact be in big trouble.

Chapter 831 of “One Piece” is expected for a release anytime this week.