'One Piece' Chapter 826 plot spoilers: World Government wants Sanji 'alive' because Vinsmoke family is winning?


After a week without a new “One Piece” chapter, fans and readers are antsy about what might come next for the Straw Hat Pirates.

When the previous chapter ended, Sanji was still separated from the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. It was revealed that Sanji is one of the sons of the infamous Vinsmoke family, and he was in an arranged marriage with Purin of the Charlotte family.

Unfortunately, Sanji’s departure left the crew of the Thousand Sunny not only a man short but also without their resident chef. While crossing Big Mom’s territory, Luffy got sick from a poisonous fish. It was then that the Thousand Sunny crossed paths with the Germa 66 ship, commanded by a hooded figure with the same peculiar eyebrows as Sanji.

Because of those eyebrows, the hooded figure is believed to be related to Sanji if not his father. Since the Vinsmokes own Germa 66, the rumor is possible.

At the beginning of Chapter 825, Sanji learned of a series of comic strips published by the World Economic Times. Titled “Sora, Warrior of the Sea,” the comic strip featured a fictional version of the Germa 66 portrayed as an antagonist to the heroic Sora.

According to Vito, who told Sanji of the comic strip, the comic was intended by the World Government as propaganda to show the public their good side. However, reports speculate that that is not true.

Rumors suggest that Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke family by extension are actually winning against the World Government. Accordingly, the “Sora, Warrior of the Sea” stories are simply propaganda materials. The conflicts featured in the comic strip, where Sora allegedly keeps winning against the Germa 66, are opposite of actual events.

This rumor is backed up by previous instances where the World Government used propaganda to muddle actual events so the perceived results favor them, over the pirates. If true, this speculation explains Sanji’s “Only Alive” wanted poster, shown in chapter 801, in a curious light.

If the World Government is truly in the midst of a major conflict with the Vinsmoke family, then it could be intending to use Sanji. Since the Vinsmokes have a political alliance with the Charlottes, the World Government might be planning to use Sanji to leave the Vinsmokes without allies.

Until “One Piece” Chapter 826 comes though, fans can only keep speculating.