'One Piece' Chapter 824 spoilers: Rumors suggest Shanks may appear to avenge Dragon; Revolutionary Army planning next attack?


There are predictions that the upcoming Chapter 824 of widely popular manga series “One Piece” will see the appearance of Shanks.

According to Hall of Fame Magazine, the said character may be featured in the narrative as he will avenge Dragon. He may also become a part of the arc of the Greatest War.

Fans may remember that the Blackbeard Pirates recently destroyed the base named Baltigo or Land of White Soil which is supposedly undetectable. One of the crew members managed to spot it, calling the rest of his team to completely wreck it to ruins. Even though the mystery remains on how they manage to pull off their actions, the situation seemed to put the Army as defeated.

After the incident, there are some who believe that the “Red-Haired” Shanks will come into the picture to give the pirates what they are due and to avenge Monkey D. Dragon and his comrades. It is also predicted that with the group’s victory comes a promotion in Marshall D. Teach’s Yonko’s status and his expected fight with Shanks is touted to become more exciting.

However, there are also speculations that the Revolutionary Army is still alive and the destruction of their base is only a part of Dragon’s tactics to fool the World Government. It is deemed that to make their case more compelling, they have to show that the base and the dwellers are annihilated to go off the radar and stop their enemies from chasing them.

The so-called strategy may also have them looking for a new place to regroup and plan their attack when it is least expected. If this comes to fruition, some suggest that the perfect time to have the assault is during The Reverie as the characters’ guards are down and they are in a celebratory mode.

Since there is no official word yet about the plot, available information should be taken with a grain of salt.