'One Piece' chapter 806 spoilers: eruption rain on its way, crew discover more about mink and Jack


Chapter 806 of One Piece is coming with more adventures for the Straw Hat crew ahead of them.

Last time, Luffy was greeted with Law’s crew, Zou’s group, Rody, Wanda, and Carrot. The rest of the Straw Hats crew went to the city while Wanda tries to lead Luffy to Sanji’s location. Toward the end of chapter 805, Bepo frantically warns about an Eruption Rain and advises Wanda and Luffy to get on a crocodile to save themselves.

In the upcoming chapter, the crew will find out that the prediction about the Eruption Rain from elephant Zou Island is true, said Movie News Guide. The basis came from a sneak peek on the first three frames of a spoiler image. The first frame reveals a mountain that is believed to emit the said Eruption Rain. On its second frame, the elephant Zou Island is seen sprinkling water to its back, similar to what an actual elephant does. Lastly, the third frame shows the Straw Hat crew in fear of the upcoming massive water attack from the same water eruption, reports the same news portal.

Meanwhile in Oro Jackson, a site that encourages their member-fans to write down their predictions, a user named TheConqueror also mentioned about the eruption, but his prediction initially starts with the water eruption as a means for the elephant to spray water on the vegetation in order to help the island survive. However, he eventually predicts a water eruption toward the end. The same is forecasted by a user named slazer77, except that his guess is that the chapter will start with the water eruption with Wanda putting Luffy and herself on a crocodile to save themselves.

Other predictions on the same page include the crew finding the body of Nami and the rest, Sanji appears missing, and the crew learning more about the mink and Jack, according to a user under the name Monkey D. Luffy. Another fan, called Mid, also guesses that there will be some revelations regarding Jack and the mink, along with Luffy wanting to beat up the face behind the people who made Sanji’s group sleep and not wake up.

One Piece Chapter 806 will be released on November 5.