'One Piece' news, spoilers: Chapter 806 'At Right Belly Fortress' released, Captain Jack still nowhere to be found


Chapter 806 of “One Piece,” the longest-running and best-selling manga series in history written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, was released Nov. 6, and fans are slobbering over the juicy details. Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist in the series, reappears much revived with his diverse crew ready to search the seas.

As for big bad Captain Jack, nobody can tell where he is, but manga fans already know that he is responsible for wiping out Zou and rescuing Doflamingo from Admiral Fujitora and the other marines. While the captain is reported as dead in a newspaper, some kind of torture device is shown. Wanda, a canine mink of the Warrior Beast Tribe, becomes emotional, and it is hinted that it may have been used by Jack to torture a loved one of hers. Jack’s death, though, is unconfirmed, and it is found that he destroyed Zou in search of someone. 

In this new chapter, it is explained that Zunisha the elephant, whose back the island Zou stands, cools itself by spraying sea water that apparently is essential to the island’s ecosystem. The same water is filtered by the islanders for drinking purposes and also serves as a means for fish to flourish, which eventually becomes a source of food for the locals. The process is explained in detail to Luffy when he meets Wanda, Carrot, and Bepo at the Whale Forest.

As the elephant is in the act of spewing water, the Straw Hat Pirates and Law quickly make for higher ground, shocked to see that the Eruption Rain Wanda had warned them of is a powerful ball of water hurtling toward them. The water floods the streets, and Kinemon, Kanjuro, and the monkey find it hard climbing up.

The Straw Hats, in the meantime, find themselves treated as heroes at a Minkmen settlement in the Right Belly Forest, where they meet Nami and Chopper. And as the chapter ends, they glean from Nami’s demeanor that there is disturbing news about Sanji.