One Piece Chapter 797 news: new chapter reported to arrive August 24; bounty may increase for Straw Hat Pirates


Predictions for possible plotlines of “One Piece” Chapter 797 are coming in as the highly anticipated continuation of the story is said to be hitting the stands on August 24 which will be included in WSJ’s issue number 39.

According to Movie News Guide, there may be an increase in the bounty awarded for each member of Straw Hat Pirates, with “Black Leg” Sanji deemed to get the highest one of up to 30 million as he battled with “Demon Bamboo” Vergo.

Other speculations suggest that either Monkey D. Luffy or Zoro will take on the fleet headed by Admiral Fujitora. It can be recalled that on Chapter 795, Fujitora has finally decided that he will take on the pirates, putting him in the most likely position that pits him against Luffy.

Reports claim that Luffy’s power is at par with the abilities of Donquixote Doflamingo which makes him a viable competitor. However, some fans think that he may opt out of the fight so that he can have the chance to tell Rebecca about what she needs to know regarding her father.

Furthermore, it is probable that Luffy and the rest of Straw Hat Pirates may soon leave Dressrosa. If this comes to fruition, followers will soon find out what happens to it, if Dressrosa thus become a place controlled by Pirates or will Marines get to put up their regulations and hold the territory of the King’s Palace.

It is also important to note that Sengoku’s appearance will be a key factor in the story as it may potentially affect the relation of World Government’s with Doflamingo and Dressrosa.

The upcoming chapter’s released date has been pushed one week later from the original schedule of August 17. This is because Weekly Shonen Jump celebrated the Oban Holiday and taken a week off, OnePiece Podcast shares.