'Once Upon a Time' season 6 premiere spoilers, news: All eyes are on Regina and her evil half


The popular ABC fairy tale television series “Once Upon a Time” will be returning this fall for its sixth season with a lot of things to settle after the events in the last season, including Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) fate after she successfully rid herself of The Evil Queen.

Several rumors surfaced right after the conclusion of the previous season, including how The Evil Queen could still wreak havoc. According to executive producer Edward Kitsis, in a sit down with Entertainment Weekly, there’s a potential of war between the two opposite personalities of the character played by Parrilla. The Evil Queen obviously will be furious with Regina and will do anything to prevent a “happy ending” for her.

The sixth season is sure to focus on how the separation to her villainous personality will affect Regina all throughout. And because it is unlikely that The Evil Queen can be killed, it will remain a mystery as to how Regina will be able to permanently eliminate her.

To answer the question, Fashion & Style opined that the only way to do that is for Regina to accept the fact that The Evil Queen has to be part of her. As a result, it may eventually come to a point that she will perish in the process of getting rid of the villain for good.

Aside from Regina and her evil half, the sixth season of “Once Upon a Time” will also feature Rumple (Robert Carlyle) embarking on a new adventure to save Belle (Emilie de Ravin). However, there is a dark side of Rumple that could lead to an unfavorable result: his previous association with Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer).

Season 6 of “Once Upon a Time” is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 25 on ABC, with several fairy tale characters expected to make appearances, including Morpheus, Scheherazade, and Sinbad.