'Once Upon A Time' season 6 spoilers, latest rumors: Evil Queen aims to destroy everyone's life in Storybrooke


The American fairy tale drama series “Once Upon a Time” is set to return for a sixth season and if there is one good reason to get excited about, that would be because several new heroes are rumored to be joining the cast. And this time, the good ones expect some villainous intervention from two sides, the one with Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer) and the mysterious people of The Land of Untold Stories and the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), who happens to be on a path of revenge and destruction come next season.

According to Parrilla, her villain character will be out there seeking to make everyone pay for her fate. To recall, Parrilla’s good side, Regina, finally found a way to separate herself from her evil personality, but the queen does not like it. “I think the Evil Queen feels betrayed by Regina… she’s definitely going to have fun in the process to make everyone pay for it,” the actress said via E! News.

For Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, there will be a lot of adjustments to be made in the new Regina. “I think the complicated part is going to be dealing with the Evil Queen because now she has to sort of treat that as a separate entity, and something that doesn’t have any of that redemption,” she said referring to her character.

But the one who’s going to expect the most change is Henry (Jared Gilmore), Regina’s son. Well, Regina is actually his adoptive mother while Emma is his real mother. And with a separate Evil Queen, he’s looking at three mother figures, but one’s not a good influence, obviously. Also, Entertainment Weekly quoted Gilmore during the San Diego Comic-Con panel last weekend saying that he expects a “hero” role once the new season starts. “I am a hero now. My way of helping people is being able to give them their stories and help them figure things out,” Gilmore expounded.

Season 6 of “Once Upon a Time” debuts on Sept. 25 on ABC.