'Once Upon a Time' season 6 plot spoilers: Aladdin's story will have a twist as the story delves into 'Savior' mythology


Executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz recently teased that viewers may expect a twist on Aladdin’s (Deniz Akdeniz) storyline as he heads from Agrabah to Storybrooke in the upcoming season 6 of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.”

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners revealed that there will be changes not only for the beloved Street Rat’s arc but also to fellow newcomers, Jasmine (Karen David) and Jafar (Oded Fehr), in comparison to their classic Disney versions.

“[Jasmine] is a strong character with an agenda all her own,” Horowitz hinted, adding that her introduction will be a surprise.

However, notably missing from the ensemble are Genie and Aladdin’s pet monkey Abu. When asked if they will also make an appearance, Horowitz hinted that they have some elements from the animated movie that they are “peppering throughout.”

On the other hand, Kitsis stated that, “Obviously, I don’t think we would touch the genie. I would like to see a monkey but I can’t promise anything. I think, whereas some stories, like ‘Frozen,’ we were very faithful to ‘Frozen,’ I think you will see Aladdin have its own ‘Once’ twist.”

Although they cannot say if the three will recur all season long, they will intertwine into the “Savior mythology,” which will be further explored by Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and the other heroes. During San Diego Comic-Con, a preview clip was released and it features Aladdin as a Savior, albeit seemingly in very bad shape as he is taunted by Jafar.

The show bosses told Entertainment Weekly that what they want to accomplish is to show that have been many other Saviors since the beginning of time. Aladdin’s dilemmas will provide some parallel with Emma’s as they delve deeper into the latter’s head. Her thoughts and emotions will be given focus as she continues to deal with the pressure that comes with the job.

“The Aladdin thing showed you what happens to the Savior. [Jafar] gave [Aladdin] his ‘Giving Tree’ speech. We saw Jafar say, ‘All that’s left is a stump.’ For us, we really wanted Emma to look at, ‘Is my job just helping other people? Do I get my own happiness? Has this happened to all Saviors? What do you mean I’m not the first?'” Kitsis continued.

“Once Upon a Time” season 6 is slated to premiere on Sunday, Sept. 25.