'Once Upon A Time' season 5 spoilers: Pan to show no remorse when he returns to 100th episode; old characters to come back


Expect no remorse from Pan when “Once Upon a Time” returns for the second half of season 5. Instead, he may just be looking to find an opportunity to deceive more characters in Storybrooke.

“Being in that scenario has given him time to think and reflect on what’s happened and time to maybe step back and say, ‘Maybe I was wrong. Maybe there are different ways to go about things. I think his selfish intentions are still very much there. That’s a characteristic that is unavoidable with fans,” Robbie Kay, who plays the mischievous character, said.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, he acknowledged that when Pan returns for the show’s 100<sup>th episode, nothing much would have changed, and he would still be looking to manipulate people into doing things that would eventually work to his benefit.

Meanwhile, there will be some bad news for the Charmings as showrunner Adam Horowitz bared that the couple may find themselves facing some heavy consequences about leaving their child behind when they joined the company headed for the Underworld.

Horowitz shared that viewers will be treated to a lot of developments as Emma finally comes to terms with her role as Savior.

Many characters from previous seasons will also make an appearance as Emma and the gang enter the Underworld, which Horowitz described as a messed up version of Storybrooke.

“That’s just our entry way to another world and a wealth of stories that impact all our characters,” he added.

As for Rumple and Belle, the showrunner teased that Belle will still have a very big story arc and remain in the thick of things even though she did not go to the Underworld with the rest of the main characters.

“Unfinished Business,” the show’s 100th episode, will air when the show returns for season 5B on March 6, TVLine reported.