Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 gets positive early reviews from tech analysts


The Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 graphic card seems to be delivering on performance as it received mostly positive reviews from gamers and tech analysts.

It can be recalled that the product, designed as a cut down to the GTX 960, was crafted to provide a more affordable graphics card that promises to handle the latest games reasonably well at 1080p.

As such, it has decided to utilize 6 SMM units with 768 CUDA Cores in total. There are also 48 texture units with 32 ROPs. The GTX 950’s memory interface, on the other hand, is 128-bit with initial models using 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

“It is great to see NVIDIA continuing to evolve their eco-system, not just focusing on FPS. The GTX 950 can game at 19201080 with high levels of visual quality, but aspects such as improvements in latency, the inclusion of HDMI 2.0 and the ever improving GeForce Experience are what makes it really stand out from the competition, Hardware Heaven reviewer Stuart Davidson said.

Meanwhile, a review by Richard Leadbetter of Eurogamer said: “Overall, Nvidia has set out to achieve what it wanted – it has a competitive product to the R7 370, offering improved performance and all the advantages of the GeForce drivers and chipset, plus a much more modern multimedia feature-set – good for those looking to build an HTPC with decent gaming performance.”

The tech analyst however said that the price seems a bit high compared to other products in the GeForce family. The suggested retail price for the GeForce GTX 950 ranges from $129-$159.

In his article, Leadbetter said that performance wise, the product is able to deliver a solid performance given that the gamer could make compromises on quality settings. He also advised gamers to overclock the product to get the best out of it, which is a general consensus among early reviews.