North Korea news: U.N. slams country's most recent missile attacks calling it 'unacceptable'


The United Nations condemned North Korea for their continued missile launches over the month with the latest one fired last Friday, March 18, Reuters reported.

Amidst continues appeal for North Korea to stop their missiles launches that heighten the ongoing tension in the Korean Peninsula, the country shot two medium range missiles from presumably mobile launchers on the 18th. 

One of the two flew as far as 500 miles, while the other one exploded just about after it was launched, according to the same Reuters report.

North Korea’s actions amassed various criticisms most notably from the United Nations. BBC learned that right after North Korea’s fire test, the UN Security Council held an urgent meeting called by the United States to discuss the situation. In a unanimous statement, it condemned the launches adding that it “constituted a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.”

It can be remembered that two weeks ago, the UN Security Council gave its toughest sanctions to North Korea after Pyongyang continued with their fourth nuclear test and masked a rocket launch as a normal ballistic missile test.

Meanwhile, South Korea is gearing up to retaliate if needed to protect their country. Yonhap news reported that the South Korean Marine Corps has formed a new mobile unit made up for 3,000 troops dubbed as the “Spartan 3,000” to take on North Korea if needed.

“In the past, the battalion-level unit took 24 hours to be deployed across the Korean Peninsula, while the regimental-level unit took 48 hours,” an anonymous source revealed.

“However, the new unit will be able to operate within 24 hours even at the regimental level,” the source added.

At the moment, the South Korean Marine Corps is on standby in case anything happens. In the meantime, if there is no threat, they will respond to emergency cases and disasters.