North Korea news: South debunks claims that the North has perfected nuclear warfare re-entry


Over the past couple of days, the Korean peninsula has been in a state of tension as the North continues to threaten its Southern counterpart with nuclear warfare.

Now, latest reports suggest that President Kim Jong Un of North Korea is even going to new heights as he orders new warhead explosion tests and firings of a couple of ballistic rockets. Furthermore, it looks like the young leader is also concerned about the time frame as he was also reportedly pushing it as soon as possible.

“He instructed the relevant section to make pre-arrangement for them to the last detail,” KCNA revealed via Yahoo News.

Kim’s South counterpart, President Park Geun Hye, on the other hand, pondered on the peninsular crisis by saying, “If North Korea continues its provocations and confrontation with the international community and does not walk the path of change, it will walk the path of self-destruction.”

Meanwhile, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang Gyun debunked claims that the supposed “newly developed heat resisting material’ of North Korea was a success.

“According to our military analysis, North Korea has not yet secured re-entry technology,” Moon told reporters.

The warhead was purportedly subjected to an intense heat that a nuclear weapon would be subjected to during atmospheric re-entry.

Moon’s statement was backed up by senior researcher Chang Yong-Seok at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies at Seoul National University

“It seems highly likely that North Korea is on the verge of conducting a long-range ballistic missile test, involving re-entry,” revealed Chang.

“It wants to show that sanctions are not effective and to boost the credibility of its deterrent,” Chang further detailed.

Meanwhile, on top of supposedly conducting a series of tests to enhance their nuclear weaponry, the North is also in the middle of a search and rescue operation for one of their submarine vessels reportedly going missing.