North Korea news: Country pushes through with nuclear development following failed missile tests


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is now more motivated to hold a fifth nuclear test which cannot be stopped, South Korea revealed.

The Guardian cited Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency’s report revealing that the DPRK is pushing forward with an upcoming nuclear test.

“Compared to last month, the frequency of vehicle, workforce and equipment movements increased two to threefold recently,” the article divulged.

Website 38 North backed up the claims revealing that there are significant developments on DPRK’s weapons program. The latest report from the wesite which gathers information using satellite imagery of Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center suggests that the country is looking to produce more plutonium, which is a pivotal material for producing nuclear weapons.

“The presence of a loaded flatcar, together with the presence of exhaust plumes, suggest that North Korea is preparing or conducting a reprocessing campaign to separate more plutonium for weapons,” an analysis by the website admin Joseph Mermudez, Jr. revealed.

North Korea’s seemingly rushed actions can be chalked up to its failed missile launch last week, which both South Korea and the United States monitored very carefully.

Commander Bill Clinton who is the spokesman of the U.S. 7<sup>th fleet currently based in Japan talked to USA TODAY and divulged the gist of the supposed missile launch, which originated from the country’s eastern city of Wonsan and involved two Musudan ballistic missiles.

“We were aware of North Korea’s announcement of their rocket launch and monitored the situation with our allies Japan and South Korea. I can’t get into specifics of the operation, but… with our AEGIS ships, we do have a robust missile-defense capability for the region,” Cmdr. Clinton said.

Friday’s failed launched was the DPRK’s first attempt to launch Musudan ballistic missiles, which if successful can reach up to as much as 2,500 miles. The test is also presumed to be a supposed tribute for the the country’s late founder, Kim II Sung, whose 104<sup>th birthday coincided with the launch.

Captain Jeff Davis, on the other hand, a Pentagon Spokesman, described the failed test to the Associated Press saying, “It was a fiery, catastrophic attempt at a launch that was unsuccessful.”

It can be remembered that despite numerous reminders from South Korea, the United States, as well as the United Nations, the DPRK has continued their provocations by launching missiles and continuing the development of their warfare assets. Just last week, reports revealed it that the North is planning to launch long range missiles towards its peninsular neighbor with an accompanied release of a video clip threatening South Korea with bombings.