North Korea news: Country may launch long range, high caliber missiles towards South Korea by end of the year, Seoul Defense Minster reveals


North Korea’s continued weapon testing is an indication that the country has completed developing high caliber launchers and is gearing to shoot a long-range rocket by the end of the year towards South Korea, Korea Herald reports.

“Recently, North Korea test-fired the system several times, through which, I believe, it has nearly completed the development,” Defense Minister Han Min-koo told a group of reporters recently. “Under this assessment, I think North Korea will deploy the 300-mm MLRS as early as at the end of this year.”

Over the last three years, Seoul has been closely monitoring their peninsular neighbor’s development of the 300-mm MILRS. Given the continued threats from the country’s Supreme Leader Kim Jon-un, South Korea has taken precautionary measures in case they get attacked. Over the last month, North Korea has stepped up their warfare testing via firing a couple of missiles amidst the U.S.-South Korea military exercise.

Given this, Han speculated that North Korea may just be waiting for the go signal of Kim to start nuclear testing. Although nothing has yet been confirmed, South Korean President Park Geun Hye is being diligent in safe guarding her country.

“It is not, to be sure, a final assessment, but our observation of North Korea’s nuclear test tunnels shows that a nuclear test is possible as soon as the leadership makes a decision,” Han concluded.

Han’s revelation backs up previous reports that the there are suspicious activities happening at North Korea’s Yongbyon Radiochemical Laboratory, which might hint on the country perfecting the experimental light water reactor.

“The plumes suggest that the operators of the reprocessing facility are heating their buildings, perhaps indicating that some significant activity is being undertaken, or will be in the near future. Whether that activity will be additional separation of plutonium for nuclear weapons remains unclear,” revealed William Mugford and Joseph Bermudez, satellite imagery specialists for North Korea’s monitoring project website called 38 North.

Earlier this week, North Korea even published a short clip titled “Unless South Korea complies with our ultimatum” which continues to threaten the peace and order in the peninsula. The video, which runs for about a minute and a half, was originally published on North Korea’s official propaganda site. It shows animated clips of some of South Korea’s notable landmarks being attacked by the North.

North Korea’s warfare excecises have been already slammed by the United Nations implementing sanctions against the country, while South Korea continues to ask the country to stop its provocative actions.