Nokia news: Company to start working on 5G shift within the year


Anticipating that the shift to the next generation of 5G wireless networks is happening much earlier than expected, Nokia has made it public that it is already planning to increase investment in 5G technology within the year and that it’s focusing on releasing 5G-ready devices in the market by 2017.

Nokia chief executive Rajeev Suri said during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week that 5G technology can happen earlier than 2020, the year believed when mass upgrade to the technology will begin.

“5G will happen faster than expected. This may surprise some of you,”

Suri noted that the 5G technology will need lots of equipment upgrades before some of its standards can finally be set by 2018 and 2019. While he recognizes the possibility that the year 2020 can be the witness to the mass release of 5G devices in the global market, heavy preparations for it may be done three years prior, he said.

In contrast to the previous 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies, the 5G will not only be limited to sending mobile voice calls, text messages, photos, and video to phones or computers. While it will still be capable of doing the aforementioned, it will also connect with cars, cities, manufacturing plants and the like, hence the moniker “Internet of Things.”

While Suri’s pronouncements were nothing short of impressive, some analysts are concerned that Nokia may suffer flat or declining sales if its 5G plans push through years ahead of the others. After all, the demands for 4G equipment peaked only last year after massive rollouts were completed in China, which happens to be the world’s biggest mobile device market.

However, from the looks of it, Nokia believes otherwise. For the company, it will not take long before the 5G technology will become a reality and transcends its being a concept.

“5G will happen faster than expected because these customers are already running fast,” Suri said, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, a separate report said that Nokia has set its eyes on the “massive bandwidth capacity and virtual zero latency” that 5G may offer when it runs trials with T-Mobile within the year. Upon the completion of the trials. T-Mobile is entertaining the possibility of rolling out its devices by 2020.