No Man's Sky release date: Title to be unveiled at Sony's conference during Paris Games Week?


The highly anticipated open world game, “No Man’s Sky” is speculated to be unveiled at an event during Paris Games Week which takes place from October 28 to November 1.

After the postponement of the scheduled demo release on October 24 during the GameCity festival in the United Kingdom, reports claim that Sony will hold a press conference a day before the actual start of the event in France. The price of No Man’s Sky may also finally be made known at the same time.

Developer Hello Games has not commented on the reason why they cancelled the showing of the footage, however it is believed that October 27 will be the release window due to an apparent announcement in the online retail store Amazon UK.

Some consumers who reportedly pre-ordered the game have received notifications that it will be delivered either starting October 27 or a day after. What added to the assumption is the recent guesting of Hello Games’ Sean Murray on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

However, Amazon is said to have claimed that it was a simple mistake in their system and that no official launch timetable has been set yet. People who tried to order the title from Amazon US also shared that it is not even listed on the site.

When it comes to gameplay, players hope that it will deliver on the interesting algorithm that allows users to interact with the planet they are currently exploring which includes building bases, star ports and even own spaceships. iDigital Times predict that if the gamers are merely observers, they will grow tired of it easily.

More information is expected to be revealed as Paris Games Week approaches.