'No Man's Sky' release date, gameplay: more highlights in 18-minute gameplay video; 18 quintillion planets will keep players busy for years


Hello Games made one of the most intriguing yet appealing reveal on the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with their upcoming game No Man’s Sky. The game is a very ambitious space exploration adventure with almost countless procedurally generated possibilitiesfrom locations to weapons and everything.

Recently, IGN had the chance to sit down with Hello Games founder Sean Murray as they did an 18-minute gameplay demo giving excited players a closer look at what No Man’s Sky has to offer. In the game, players will start out as an explorer with barely anything but a low tier set of equipment and a low-level ship. As they explore the first planet that they have started on, they will gather resources, make money, and build up everything in order to explore more planets as the game goes on.

As they travel through a planet, every action of destruction will have them marked by the Sentinels as a threat to the planet. Once the player’s reach a certain level on their “wanted” meter, they are bound to be attacked by robots sooner or later. Sentinels are robotic protectors of a planet that will hunt players down the more they lay waste on the said planetvery much like Grand Theft Auto‘s Wanted system.

The universe of the game is technically infinite, with countless of planets waiting to be explored, and weapons and equipment ready to be used.

In an interview with 3 News, Sean Murray discussed the infinite possibilities that the game is offering players. “There’s lots,” he said. “When we started off, we had 2 to the power of 32. We were using a random seed which was 32-bit and that’s a really big number. It’s such a big number that if a planet was to be discovered every second, it would take thousands of years to discover all the planets. We thought that was really good, then people started getting really interested in the game. We started thinking, what if millions of people play it? If they’re all discovering planets every few seconds, maybe it’ll only take a few years for them to discover them all. So we expanded what we were doing and went for a 64-bit seed, so that means there are now 2 to the power of 64 different planet permutations. There are now, like, 18 quintillion different planets.”

So, as Murray puts it, everyone would probably be dead when all the planets in the game have been exhausted and discovered.

No Man’s Sky is set for release to the PlayStation 4 and PC but there are no dates as yet.