'No Man's Sky' news: Number of PC players increases after Foundation Update patch


After the implementation of the Foundation Update for the highly controversial survival and space exploration game “No Man’s Sky,” it seems that the player base for the PC version of the game saw a remarkable jump. As such, its developer, Hello Games, hopes that it is the first step towards redeeming the game.

According to Game Rant, the developers of the game seem to be pretty determined to deliver content worthy of reviving interest and hype for the “No Man’s Sky” game, despite the fallout that followed its release. With this, the game’s implementation of its biggest update since September helped spike up the number of PC gamers due to its new features.

Basically, the player count of “No Man’s Sky” in Steam has grown at a rapid rate, with it peaking at around 8,090 gamers during weekends. This jump can be traced to the release of the Foundation Update, which gave the game a considerable popularity boost. It is now in the middle of the top 100 games on Steam, between “The Binding of Isaac” and “Mount & Blade: Warband.”

It might not be that remarkable to some people, but considering the fact that the game has experienced a 90 percent drop after just two weeks of its release, the stabilizing levels of players is a welcome sight for Hello Games a sizable triumph for a game so negatively received.

Actually, according to Polygon, the game’s reputation was so bad that some fans said that it used misleading and exaggerated ads, which triggered an investigation by the United Kingdom-based Advertising Standards Authority. However, after reaching a conclusion, the ASA’s verdict is that the ads used for the game did not breach the code.

“No Man’s Sky” is now available for the PC and the PlayStation 4, with its developer promising that the coming weeks will provide players with solid updates to enhance the game experience overall.