'No Man's Sky' release news: No missions but gamers will be given three game options


With the launch of the new title “No Man’s Sky” less than a month away, fans are waiting to see what the upcoming game will bring.

The title is highly anticipated by video gamers, as it is expected to present a unique gameplay. In the game, players will be able to explore many distinct planets. It was said that there about quintillion planets for the players to explore, which will present a new experience each play.

“No Man’s Sky” will present three game options. One of the options rely heavily on exploring. It was revealed that fans can either go on an epic journey, head to the center of the galaxy, or discover a secret.

Meanwhile, players will also be given the option to interact with the creatures of the planets or act as space pirates. However, the game will present a police that will discipline unrighteous killers.

The third option will allow players to gain experience in trading, territory building, and living with other creatures of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the title will not provide missions or quests for the players. With that, they are expected to make the most of the galaxy exploration.

The game is already available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store. Those who avail the deal will receive several exclusive features such as a starter kit and art book, as well as a limited edition comic written by Dave Gibbons.

In the starter kit, players will receive a Photonix Core Ship Boost, Trader Charisma Bonus Resources, and a Boltcaster SM Weapon blueprint. These will enable users to get a head start in exploring compared to the other explorers.

“No Man’s Sky” is expected to release in the United States this June 21. It will release in Europe this June 22 and in U.K. this June 24. It will be available for download on Steam, Humble, GOG, and iam8bit.