'No Man's Sky' news: why game was almost cancelled


Fans of the highly anticipated title “No Man’s Sky” will be happy to hear that the release date of the game has already been announced.

Reports stated that “No Man’s Sky” was first announced during the VGX Awards back in 2013. After the trailer was unveiled, the title was well received by gamers. However, despite the excitement, the head of the game’s developer, Sean Murray, explained that the game was almost cancelled.

Murray spoke to IGN about their experience with the game, revealing that it came close to being cancelled. He stated that after they announced it, their office was flooded causing several obstacles for the game’s continuation.

He said, “It was a couple of weeks later and it was Christmas Eve and we were all off from work and the whole office flooded. I think we hadn’t announced the game because I nearly backed out of [VGX 2013]. I think we might have just canned ‘No Man’s Sky’ because we would have been feeling really unsure it. When we were trying to back out of it, we were like what have we been doing?”

Murray explained that cancelling the project would have caused some problems as well. So, the whole team met on Christmas Day to figure out what to do. He said that during the time, there were 10 of them but six members were unsure about continuing the title.

He said, “Some of them would have felt the same way we did, which is they would have seen the ‘No Man’s Sky’ [VGX 2013] trailer just before it went out at the [VGXs] and thought, ‘I’m not sure how this is going to go down,”

Fortunately, the group pushed through with the project. With that, fans can expect to play “No Man’s Sky” on PS4 and PC this June.