'No Man's Sky' news: Game one of Steam's best-selling 2016 titles


The controversial game “No Man’s Sky” reached the highest tier of the 2016 best selling games on Steam. This is surprising as the game has beaten some of the year’s top titles despite its issues.

According to Game Rant, despite the disparity in the game’s quality and reception, “No Man’s Sky” was able to reach the Platinum tier in the list. After all, the space exploration title had so much hype before its release, and it only became one of the most disappointing games in recent history.

The game under-delivered so bad that it sparked many negative reviews on Steam as well as a massive rush for refund requests. Notwithstanding, the “No Man’s Sky” game is still a success for the developer, Hello Games, in a financial point of view.

All the hype surrounding the game has yielded to massive pre-orders and first-day sales for “No Man’s Sky,” which is most likely why it became a 2016 best seller. Once the players got wind of the severely lacking features of the game, the sales immediately went down the drain, and it has not recovered ever since.

As such, while the “No Man’s Sky” game made a lot of sales initially, its bad reviews has affected player discretion on whether to get the game or not, and it is possible that its future sales will be affected as well. With this, it makes the game a clear argument against pre-ordering.

Meanwhile, according to the Express UK, it seems that a competitor for “No Man’s Sky” has appeared, in the form of “Astroneer,” which made its early access debut on both Steam and the Xbox One. Furthermore, the game has been received with positive reviews, especially when compared to “No Man’s Sky.”

Regardless, with “No Man’s Sky” being improved, it still remains to be seen whether or not it will recover and become a better space exploration game overall.