'No Man's Sky' news: game economy and trading explained by Hello Games founder Sean Murray


The upcoming title from Hello Games, No Man’s Sky, is set to be really large, expanding a universe of almost infinite possibilities with items of equally near-infinite variations. Just recently, IGN once again had another chance to sit down and talk with Hello Games founder Sean Murray, as he explains the game’s economy and trading details.

“We want trading to be fun,” he said. “We want it to be understandable, because already the game’s already quite large.

“We are trying to simulate a universe that has trade, has traders, has different factions…” he went on.

Murray also explained that players could go travel around and find resources and craft products out of them and proceed to sell them at trading posts and space stations found on every planet and in the outer space, respectively. However, players who do not like to do a grinding job of crafting and selling can just go from space stations to space stations and buy items there. Smaller scale depots can also be found on some planets.

Another way of making money is being able to find a certain element and bringing it on a planet where such an element is a rare find, therefore raising its value on multiples.

More information about the game was discussed by Murray in the rest of the video.

Hello Games made one of the most intriguing yet appealing reveal on the previous Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with their upcoming game No Man’s Sky. The game is a very ambitious , a space exploration adventure with almost countless procedurally generated possibilitiesboasting a number of almost 18 quintillion different planets waiting to be explored that, as Murray puts it, everyone would probably be dead by the time all the planets in the game have been exhausted and discovered.

No Man’s Sky is set for an indefinite release for the PlayStation 4 and PC.