'No Man's Sky' news: Creator Sean Murray talks about the future of the game and possibility of diving into VR


Among all the upcoming video games to be released this year, “No Man’s Sky” is arguably one of the few which has piqued the interest of amateur and pro gamers. Chalk it up to a brand new interesting premise. Instead of having one setting, gamers can choose among 18 quintillion planets to explore.

“No Man’s Sky” creator Sean Murray talked about the high stakes game with Newsbeat and how and why he decided to develop this kind of video game.

“We’re just trying to do something a bit different and innovative and it would be great to see more games do that. As a gamer who plays all the time I love a lot of Triple-A titles but I find gaming a little predictable a lot of the time,” Murray said of his inspiration in creating the game

“I think a lot of games are really off putting, if I play ‘Gears of War’ or ‘Call of Duty’ and I try and show my friends who don’t really play games they find them a bit grotesque in some ways and a little bit juvenile.”

When asked whether he feels any pressure with the upcoming release of his game, Murray revealed that he really did not think of the pressure. He explained that the project started as just a “pipe dream,” and he and his team are keener on creating something that is different and ground breaking.

Meanwhile, it has already been confirmed that “No Man’s Sky” will be available for PS4 and PC users this coming June 21 after the delay last year. Furthermore, Hello Games, the developer of the aforementioned game is also reportedly planning to developer an alien dialogue system and secret puzzles in each planer instead of the traditional DLC that a lot of video games are rolling out now. New content will come in via small free feature add-ons but not the conventional content packs, Murray revealed.

In terms of VR, Murray admitted that while the game will look phenomenal and have some potential in virtual reality, in would take a little while before they can fully join the bandwagon given that they are only a small group of people working on the game.