'No Man's Sky' game news: Hello Games already working on first patch update, even before game's release


Though the highly anticipated open world space exploration game “No Man’s Sky” has yet to be released, game developer Hello Games is apparently already working on the game’s first ever patch update.

As per the announcement made by Hello Games, it appears that the upcoming update for the game would not only deal with minor fixes for problems such as bugs and other gameplay issues, but it would also introduce new content to the game early on for players to enjoy.

“No Man’s Sky” game producer Sean Murray has been regularly updating the game’s fans as to the progress of the title and he has also been giving away teases and tidbits of information about the game every now and then. Now, the producer announced in one of his most recent posts over at his official Twitter account that they would soon be releasing the first ever patch update for the game.

In his post, he wrote, “5am at Hello Games. Wrapping up a month of work on our first update. Lots of new features, balancing and content.”

While nothing specific about what players can expect from the update was hinted at, fans can be sure that the update won’t simply contain minor fixes that are usually released by games on the first day. Rather, it would also introduce new content that would enhance the gameplay experience of players.

A release window for the game update was not announced but seeing as Murray has said that they are close to finishing work on the update, it would seem that Hello Games might very well be targeting a release for the update that coincides with the launch date of the game, making it a Day One patch update that players might need to download first before they can begin their journey of space exploration on the game.

“No Man’s Sky” releases on Aug. 9 for the PlayStation 4. It was supposed to be released on the same day for the PC but it was recently and would instead be available via Steam on Aug. 12.