Nintendo Wii U news: Nintendo to stop production of console by March 2018?


Nintendo is planning to drop the Nintendo Wii U altogether by March 2018, CEO Tatsumi Kimishima revealed.

Last week, during the Japanese multinational consumer giant’s earnings briefing, Kimishima posed the possibility that they might have to pull the plug off the console. The information appears to not be given up front but instead was part of the Question and Answer during the same event.

A couple of months ago, Japanese newspaper Nikkei picked up that Nintendo is tinkering on dropping the production of the Wii U later this year. The company, on the other hand, vehemently denied the rumors saying that the news did not come from a legitimate source. They also added they are planning to continue its production beyond the next fiscal year.

While Nintendo’s previous stance on the Wii U still holds ground as 2018 is still past the next fiscal year, it is no secret that the console has never taken flight as they expected it to be. The device, which debuted in November, has sold up 12.8 million units based on the latest count which was updated until March 31. Competition-wise, the Wii U struggled to be at par with other consoles. PlayStation 4, which came out a full year later, has sold 36 million units by Sony’s latest tally, and rumor has it that Xbox One has a total of 18 million pieces sold. From here until next year, the expected sales tally for the Wii U is only 800,000 systems.

With the imminent death of the Wii U, Nintendo is looking for a resurgence in the console department via the highly secretive Nintendo NX. As of now, there is very little to none known about the Nintendo’s newest development but the company is clearly banking on it to deliver the goods for them.

A report from Nintendo News quotes Kimishima’s statement about NX making up for the subpar numbers that the Wii U has tallied.

“We are predicting about 800,000 Wii U hardware sales in the fiscal year ending March 2017, which is a decrease of about 2.4 million units compared to the previous year,” Kimishima said. “NX and smart device business will be essential to cover this gap, but we also expect download content business to play a role. However, we are planning with the expectation that NX sales will compensate for much of the impact on sales from reduced Wii U hardware sales.”