Nintendo Switch release date, news: More details to be announced, upcoming gaming console to come in different colors and skins?


The Nintendo Switch was finally announced last week, revealing that the console and game developer had gone with a mobile-focused gaming system. Though some appeared to be unimpressed with the new device, a Nintendo spokesperson said that more will be revealed about the console ahead of its release in March 2017.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal (via Gamespot), the Nintendo rep said, “We haven’t shown everything,” with regard to the Switch. Though it may be some time before the gaming company reveals more information about the console, a Reddit user has done some detective work and pointed out some of the device’s hidden features based on the teaser video.

Redditor EveMK89 has put together a list of some of the Nintendo Switch’s features which include buttons for detaching the portable from the dock and controllers, power and volume buttons, “potential shoulder buttons” and pointer functionality. It was also pointed out that the console appears to have rubber feet for stability as well as slots for a stylus and an SD card. The Redditor confirmed that there is a headphone jack and that the device can be recharged. The dock is also said to have USB ports and it indicates when the Switch is docked.

Nintendo Insider reports that the device is powered by a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor and that the Nintendo Switch has support from about 50 third-party developers. So far, five games have been confirmed for release on the Switch, and these are “Dragon Quest X,” “Dragon Quest XI,” “Just Dance 2017,” “Project Sonic 2017,” and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

As fans await the Nintendo Switch’s release, tech watchers are having fun reimagining the console in different colors and skins. The console was shown in gray in the debut trailer, and TheGrumpyCat has mocked up some Switches in yellow, blue, orange, lilac, and white, and there is even a version done in the Nintendo Family Computer’s red and cream colors. TheGrumpyCat also made mockups of themed Nintendo Switch consoles, including a “Super Mario” skin, among others. The full gallery can be seen here.

Stay tuned for more news about the Nintendo Switch.