Nintendo Switch problems, news: Console battery rumored to be unremovable


The Nintendo Switch is confirmed to have a non-removable battery. With this, it means that the owners will not be able to upgrade it or replace it at all.

According to Game Rant, the claim is confirmed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as they were reviewing a production prototype for the console. They took note of it and said that the battery is built-in in the EUT, thus restricting the user from removing the battery.

Of course, while the Switch submitted to the FCC is just a prototype, the filing for it notes that it is still the version to be mass produced. With the Nintendo Switch just looming on the horizon for January 2017, it seems implausible that Nintendo will make sudden changes to the model and switch it to one that sports a removable battery.

With this, assuming that the Switch will really launch without replaceable batteries, it might suffer from negative reviews. After all, should the battery fail, players will need to send it to Nintendo for repairs, making it difficult and expensive.

This is reminiscent of the Wii U gamepad, and it certainly faced battery life criticisms, due to the fact that it forced them to buy upgradeable batteries and replace it on their own.

Also, this puts to question whether or not the Switch’s battery is up to scratch. Players will certainly want to carry multiple batteries to extend its portability, and, as such, if the batteries run out in the middle of a trip, for example, replacing it will not be possible as well.

Regardless, Tech Times reports that Nintendo itself has not released any information regarding the specifics of its battery. The early speculation about the Switch, however, says that its battery life is close to three hours.

It will all be cleared out once the Nintendo Switch event which will happen come on Jan. 12, 2017.