Nintendo switch pricing, release date rumors: Price leaked, system aimed to be region-free


New information has been leaked recently regarding the price of Nintendo’s much-awaited new console, the Nintendo Switch.

LetsPlayVideoGames recently reported that U.K. retailer GAME has been informed that the Nintendo Switch will be available at a recommend retail price of $249.64. It is not confirmed yet that it will be sold at the same price to consumers.

There are rumors that the new console will have another version packed with more internal storage. Price is pegged at $312.05, but there are no confirmed reports yet that this version will be offered to consumers. Also heard through the grapevine is that Switch Pro Controllers will be sold at $49.92.

The price mentioned will put the Switch in line with the introductory price of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a good move for Nintendo if it wants to compete with the upcoming gaming gadgets being introduced in the market. The game giant is also rumored to brand the Nintendo Switch as a region-free console, which means that the price will be within the same range as that of other regions.

The Nintendo Switch is a cut above the rest of the gaming systems released recently. It is designed as a traditional console that can be plugged into an entertainment system, and it can also be used as a handheld, a new feature that’s never been offered by other game giants. The handheld can be used like a usual Nintendo 3DS; end users can easily attach the handheld again if they want to play their games on television.

Games that are rumored to be playable on the upcoming console are “Mario Kart,” “Skyrim,” the much-awaited “Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and another unreleased Mario game. A role-playing game (RPG) version of “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon” is also rumored to be added to its roster of Switch games.

The Nintendo Switch is slated to make its debut in March 2017.