Nintendo Switch now compatible with third-party controllers

Pictures of the retro controllers compatible with the Nintendo Switch. (8Bitdo)

There is a certain nostalgic vibe that gamers from the 1980s and 1990s are looking for. They look for this particular feel even as they play using today’s latest consoles. Thankfully, Nintendo’s flagship console is now open to a semblance of nostalgia, at least when it comes to the controllers.

According to a Gamespot report, Players can now use third-party controllers with the Nintendo Switch. The said controllers are crafted to look almost exactly like those from classics consoles in the past.

Carrying the tagline “Everything old is new again,” third-party manufacturer 8Bitdo came up with a set of controllers that mimic the look of controllers from some of the classic consoles gamers have loved through the decades.

The best thing about their controllers is that they are compatible with the Nintendo Switch console. Some of their offerings include controllers patterned after that of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The Super Famicom, the Nintendo 64, and the Family Computer also inspired other designs.

The retro controllers connect to the Switch via Bluetooth connection. However, some games do not work with certain controllers since they have fewer buttons compared to the Switch’s Joy-Con default controllers.

Apart from the controllers, 8Bitdo also offers other accessories like retro receivers, DPAD USB hubs, and retro cube speakers. The controllers sell for around $35 for the NES and SNES designs. Meanwhile, the Pro versions sell for around $43.

With the advent of retro-themed controllers, it is interesting to see if it will further boost the interest in the Nintendo Switch. Last month, the console exceeded 280,000 units sold for the month of April. This is according to the numbers published by the NPD Group and reported by The Switch’s hardware sales jumped 37 percent to $195 million. It also proved to be the main catalyst in the gaming industry’s 10 percent growth.

“The industry drove the highest April hardware dollar sales since April 2011,” shared NPD analyst Mat Piscatella. “Nintendo owned the top 2 platforms in unit sales for the month, with the Nintendo Switch at #1, followed by NES Classic,” he added.