Nintendo NX rumors: next console from gaming giant may be a console-handheld hybrid system


The upcoming Nintendo NX console once more comes to the hot spot, as latest reports come in for the upcoming hardware from the Japanese gaming company.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, sources close to the development process of the Nintendo NX have revealed that the upcoming gaming hardware will in fact be a console-handheld “hybrid” kind of device. This suggests that the new Nintendo NX may come with the ability of being a full blown gaming console, but also has in some way a removable or detachable part that can also be used as a standalone handheld console.

The original author of the story then clarified that the NX is “likely to have… more than two devices.” This suggests that the NX “hybrid” may not necessarily mean a single device with support for both platforms, but can also mean that the NX will pertain to a group of hardware.

In a previous interview with Eurogamer, Mario crater Shigeru Miyamoto talked about the possibility of a Super Mario Galaxy 3, and how a more powerful console is needed for the game to be a possibility.

“[A new Mario Galaxy] is always in discussion,” Miyamoto said. “But even with Mario 64 there was a lot of feedback about motion sickness with the 3D or maybe us making it too difficult.”

Thus, Nintendo instead found the middle point wherein the 3D world that was introduced in Super Mario Galaxy be utilized with people who love the new Super Mario Bros.Super Mario 3D World. However, a full blown Galaxy game was never out of the picture.

“On the other hand, me and [Yoshiaki] Koizumi-san, director of Galaxy, are always looking to challenge Galaxy and do another 3D action title,” Miyamoto continued. “However we can’t make so many games at once in parallel. But as the hardware technology gets better and advances, I think there will be a lot of opportunity for both options.”

Is he talking about the Nintendo NX? Miyamoto was careful to be specific: “Wii U’s definitely good enough in terms of hardware performance, it is more the workload of the team. If you look at Star Fox Zero, the TV and GamePad are both rendered in 60 frames, so in total that’s 120 frames. It’s really just a matter of the CPU speed at this point.”