Nintendo NX rumors: 2016 release predicted with new handheld feature


A lot has been written about the upcoming Nintendo NX. Most of them are merely rumors about its features and release date, which are not in any way confirmed by the Japanese gaming company. Fans have created these speculations in various forums and then published in different tech news websites.

Nevertheless, many fans are excited to get a hold of this highly-anticipated gaming console and they might not really care if these rumors are true or not. It could be a hype-job from Nintendo themselves for its upcoming release, said to happen this year. 

According to the latest buzz, Nintendo will release the NX this year together with its handheld hybrid dongle. This accessory can be used to connect the device to the TV using a special HDMI connector. This will certainly add up to its features that were included in the previous speculations.

The NX will also reportedly have the capability to connect to any compatible device, which includes smartphones using its Bluetooth technology. This is definitely something fans can play around with. 

The technology that will presumably come with this highly anticipated console is going to make it easier for any user to port in to any device. Because of that, fans can still enjoy their PS4 and Xbox One games using the Nintendo NX. 

Meanwhile, according to forum user of Neogaf who goes by the handle Trevelyan9999, the Nintendo NX will be released during a holiday in 2016. The user has also written in the post that NX games will follow shortly after its launch. 

This may sound like just another NX rumor that would probably be forgotten after a few weeks. However, Trevelyan9999 is actually the same user that predicted the release of “Pokmon Sun” and “Pokmon Moon.” That prediction is a good reminder that the user Trevelyan9999 may be considered as a credible source of information.

Nonetheless, fans must assume that all of these will remain as rumors until the company makes an official announcement.