Nintendo NX release date: Unveiling could take place at Tokyo Game Show 2016; console to come out on March 2017


Rumors about the release date of Nintendo’s next-generation console, the NX, have been swirling around the internet ever since the late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata talked about it during a press conference in March of last year. Then, back in April, Nintendo announced that the new console would come out on March 2017.

Now, reports are saying that Nintendo may announce the NX this month to counter Sony’s plans to unveil the PlayStation 4 Neo. The Inquisitr believes that Nintendo may reveal the NX during or before the Tokyo Game Show 2016, which is on Sept. 1518, with the release date staying the same as previously announced.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is going old-school with the NX as it plans to use video cartridges for the new console. While cartridges have a certain nostalgic charm, GameSpot notes that they will have limited data space compared to discs that can store up to 50 GB of data.

Sources claim that the use of cartridges can actually be beneficial since it can provide faster loading times and it will also be difficult to replicate, unlike discs. Furthermore, cartridges will be resistant to scratch damages so it will be more durable compared to discs.

Since semiconductor companies like Samsung Electronics and Toshiba are working on improvements in flash storage technology, perhaps data storage limits may be solved.

There are also reports saying that the NX may be a hybrid console which will allow players to use it as a handheld device with detachable controller modules. These controllers will also have motion sensors similar to the Wii remotes.

The use of cartridges certainly makes sense if Nintendo makes the NX a hybrid console since cartridges will make the NX easier to carry.

While Nintendo has yet to announce the price of the console, gaming industry experts expect the NX to cost more than the Wii U. They believe it will cost around $300 in the United States.