Nintendo NX release date early next year; confirmed games revealed


The Nintendo NX is one of the much-hyped game platforms as it is rumored to be released during the first quarter of 2017. Reports have suggested that the game console could be a versatile handheld with detachable controllers.

It was previously reported that Nintendo made an announcement early last year that they had intentions of developing another game platform that is said to showcase top-notch hardware for the player’s enjoyment.

With “Nintendo Fusion” as its first moniker, it was, later on, switched to “Nintendo NX” which is a fusion of a handheld and TV-connected game platform. In addition, reports have said that Android games will also be playable on the said device since there are rumors that the NX will carry Google’s operating system.

Aside from Android gaming apps, there were reports that the handheld console would still be using cartridges in housing their upcoming titles. Hence, one of the flaws that the console might encounter is that Nintendo will have to work on a cartridge with such storage space that can store the massive file sizes of most upcoming titles.

Meanwhile, game developers are working on some new titles to be released for the Nintendo NX. In fact, there are already five confirmed games for the console which includes “Just Dance” from Ubisoft, “Project Sonic” from game developer Sonic Team, “Dragon Quest X and XI” from Square Enix, and Nintendo’s very own “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Moreover, the console won’t be complete if there will be no “Mario” and “Pokmon” titles which are currently underway.

Reports mentioned that the upcoming “Mario” and “Pokmon” titles for the NX will be released six months after the console rolls out. As mentioned earlier, the Nintendo NX will be launched in early 2017, specifically in the month of March.